I know my purpose and it orders everything in my life. I exist to build the love and power of the Black community because the world needs us to be our best selves. Black people at their best are incredibly creative, loving, resilient, life-giving, enterprising, and joyful. The world needs this. We need this.

When I was 9-years-old, I was tested to have an IQ over 150 with a gift for logical reasoning. Since I was being raised in a stereotypical poor black community by my hardworking single mother just before the crush of the crack epidemic, my logic and reasoning were tested immediately and often. As a child, I pondered "why are so many people in my community so angry, frustrated and violent", "why doesn't the outside world care that we are being abused by the criminals, the police and the media?" and "who is going to end this unending suffering". So I decided, probably in my teens, to dedicate myself to solving those puzzles.

Black people are brilliant, resilient, optimistic, hardworking, dedicated, loving and beautiful. I started BMe Community because the biggest need that I saw in the Black community was for our best people to be connected to one another, and to lead from positions of love and power.

BMe Community is an award-winning network of social innovators, leaders, and champions who invest in aspiring communities. BMe runs remarkable fellowships designed to unite, celebrate, and elevate Black leaders to achieve greater influence and impact in shaping society. BMe also teaches leading foundation and social innovation professionals how to achieve greater success in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Impact.