Narrative has a profound impact on identity and behavior. Asset-framing defines communities by their aspirations and contributions, rather than their challenges and deficits.

In the non-profit world, we are often tasked with telling the story of the communities we serve. These narratives are what we use to secure funding, gain publicity, and obtain public support. From the boardroom to the newsroom, foundation and non-profits have historically used tales of deficit and despair to incite action from stakeholders and gain the sympathetic ear of the public - unaware of the stigmatizing effects. Asset-framing is the shift to narratives that define a people by their aspirations and contributions.

We train adaptive executive leaders working in social innovation, philanthropy and education to apply asset-framing to achieve greater success, diversity, equity and impact. In fact, field-leading firms rate us 4.7 out of a perfect 5 on these complex challenges. Commended by leading institutions such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, New Schools Venture Fund and The Heinz Endowments, Asset Framing is a game-changer for foundations and non-profits.